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The APC Altitude Fit Program is a balance between weight training & functional conditioning to help improve strength, burn fat, add muscle and increase fitness levels. The program incorporates movement patterns from yoga and Pilates, both of which are very powerful for the body & mind and offer a great balance between strength and flexibility. The combination of yoga, core strength, and Pilates work hand in hand to allow you to move properly and more consciously, improving your performance and well-being.

Our highly educated APC coaches will safely teach you the techniques required to lift weights, especially the key lifts for our programs including dead-lifting, squatting, bench pressing and chin ups. Our coaches are highly skilled, and the groups are small enough so that we can effectively coach clients of all levels in the one class. The program is periodised so that our clients will have continuous progression allowing them to achieve consistent results whether it is for improved athletic performance, weight loss or rehabilitation.

Something that is unique and key to the program is the focus on functional and performance breathing. Our clients experience the endless health and performance benefits when they add it to their weekly routine. This aspect of the Altitude Fit program has been developed by APC founder Mark Sketchley, who is a qualified Oxygen Advantage Instructor, and has years of experience with surfers, free divers, athletes and their breathing techniques. The performance breathing is designed to heighten your oxygen levels, control your response to CO2 and unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest. It is also works hand-in-hand with Simulated Altitude Training and is a great pre-qualification tool to make sure that our clients can exercise safely in the Altitude Chamber.

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