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APC Cycle

APC cycle classes are all held in the Altitude Chamber. This APC program has been designed for our clients to gain an unfair competitive advantage, legally. You will get fitter faster and seriously improve power, speed, endurance and strength on the bike. The program utilises altitude training concepts such as repeat sprint hypoxia, which is regularly used for the training of triathletes, Ironman competitors, NRL and AFL teams. Results from this type of training have shown:

  • Increase in performance up to 25% more efficiently when doing the same workout at sea level;
  • Up to a 9% gain in strength and endurance at sea level;
  • Decreased resting heart rate and blood pressure;
  • Increased VO2 max and ability to buffer lactic acid;
  • Boosted production of EPO, stimulating production of new red blood cells; and
  • Dramatic reductions in recovery time after exertion.

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