APC Experience - Day retreat Great Ocean Road | Be motivated & inspired!

APC Experience - Day retreat Great Ocean Road | Be motivated & inspired!

APC Experience is a single day retreat down on the Great Ocean Road comprising of beach workouts, physical challenges and seminars.


This time APC is collaborating with Jarrod Briffa of the Underwater Academy to bring you an APC Experience that specialises In breathing for maximal performance.

Learn how to breathe to your potential, train at altitude, learn performance breathing techniques which will help you to develop greater control of your breath and recover quicker after intense exercise.

The Experience will finish with Ice Bath .

Mark uses altitude training and performance breathing to get the best results for his athletes.

Jarrod is the 2019 Australian Men’s Pool Freediving Champion. Using these techniques as a base to his training he has been able to swim more than 200m underwater in the pool and hold his breath for 6 minutes.

The APC Experience will leave you motivated and inspired, with more clarity on how to maximise your personal performance no matter what you aspire to achieve.

The course Dates & time –

December 7th 9.30am - 12.30pm,
Altitude Performance Centre, Unit 8/131 Hyde Street,
Yarraville 3013

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APC Experience - Day Retreat on the Great Ocean Road

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